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Hackathon – Top 10 List

As I noted in a couple of earlier posts (see below for links), I have organized a couple ‘Hackathons’ over the past couple of years. During the process of organizing, marketing and recruiting for these events I spun up another WordPress site http://truegrowthhackathons.com to promote the events.

I also created, and was involved with the creation of, various other marketing and promotional materials. One thing that I created that I thought was sufficiently cool was this ‘top 10’ list. Something of an ‘un-top-ten list’ you might say. While I don’t have any specific metrics to know how many people attended the hackathon as a direct result of this piece, I like to think that it factored in to what ended up being a pretty great event!



Top 10 list


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True Growth 2.0 ‘Civic Hackathon’

Back in June, I was involved with organizing a Hackathon, the 2nd in the ‘Inspiring Innovation through Hackathons’ series I’ve been leading with Enterprise Saint John. (See an earlier post for a recap of the first one here).

This Hackathon was focused around ‘Civic Hacking’, which can be defined as, “the process of collaboration with others to envision and create solutions using publicly-available data, code and technology relevant to their city or neighbourhood”.

The event was a ton of fun and a great success by all accounts. You can read all about it in a recap post that I created on the other blog I maintain here: http://truegrowthhackathons.com/2014/06/24/true-growth-2-0-civic-hackathon-event-recap/ and/or on the guest post I wrote for Enterprise Saint John’s True Growth SJ blog, here: http://truegrowthsj.com/2014/06/24/true-growth-2-0-civic-hackathon-event-recap

Adding an extra element of coolness to this event, or at least the post-event communications, was a video that one of my co-organizers put together with some footage he took during the event. Check it out!

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True Growth Hackathon. A brief re-cap (Update 1 of 3).

hack name tags

Reference the original post here: https://41perspectives.wordpress.com/2014/03/31/updates-hackathons-big-data-mba/

As a loyal reader of my blog you’ll recall from my earlier post that I was working with Enterprise Saint John and some community volunteers to organize a Hackathon.

And organize a Hackathon we did! It was awesome!

The turnout was good and the level of engagement was tremendous. Through connecting the non-profit community with the ‘IT’ (developers, analysts, project managers, marketers and more) community (we had people from Saint John, Fredericton and even Prince Edward Island) we were able to come up with some pretty great ideas.

The ideas then lead to some brainstorming and product envisioning sessions that, a day and a half later, culminated in 3 working prototypes that the teams presented to a room full of creative and enthusiastic techies and non-techies and a panel of ‘judges’ that scored the teams on such things as working functionality, quality and innovation.

Everyone left with a prize, a handfull of new business cards/contacts, as well as a sense of excitement for the possibilities for the next Hackathon (tentatively envisioned for late spring/early Summer 2014; email me if you’re interested in getting on a mailing list for updates) and how these sorts of things really enhance Saint John as a destination for IT. (As validated – a short time after our Hackathon, no less – in this article in the Halifax Chronicle Herald where Saint John was selected as the ‘Best Community for Information Technology’)

Check out a few links about the Hackathon, the teams and the prototypes:







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Updates! (Hackathons, Big Data, MBA)


Back when I first started this blog I acknowledged that it might happen. Like many blogs before mine, there was a risk that the shiny, bloggy, wonderfulness of being able to have my very own chunk of interweb real-estate, may someday, lose its luster and become, ~shudder~, STATIC! A blog without updates. Destined to fade into cyber-obscurity.

But alas!

Being the pro-active, forward-thinking, risk-mitigating type of guy that I am, I went as far as to include the word ‘Semi-Frequent’ in the title of my blog so that proper expectations would be set from the get-go and nobody would to have to navigate to my blog every day, only to wonder why, WHY is he not updating his blog!?

So anyway, it happened. I got busy. It will happen again. And while I’m still busy, it seems like the right time to post a few updates and see if I can increase the frequency of my semi-frequent updates, even if only for a little while.

So, rather than creating a bunch of ‘hey, check out this memorable thing that happened 3 months ago that, had I had the time, I would have “blogged” about’, I’m going to use this post as a singlehey, check out these memorable things that happened 1,2,3 etc. months ago that, had I had the time, I would have “blogged” about’.

My blog. My rules. Don’t like? Go check Facebook. (I’m kidding…come back).

3 cool, blog-worthy things I’ve been up to:

  1. True Growth Hackathon
  2. T4G Big Data Congress II
  3. Finishing up MBA

[Editorial note: Change of plans. This was shaping up to be one insanely long post so in the interest of breaking up the content, I’ve opted to break out the updates for the 3 above noted items into 3 additional, separate posts, denoted as ‘update 1 of 3’ etc. Updates will follow shortly. Don’t touch that dial.


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True Growth 2.0 ‘Non-Profit’ Hackthon


A couple of months ago I was approached by Enterprise Saint John to ask if I wanted to get involved with their True Growth 2.0 economic development initiatives, specifically a project called ‘Inspiring Innovation through Hackathons’. As one of the recommendations that came out of earlier community consultation phases, this is an initiative, as the name would suggest, where the community organizes a series of Hackathons. The objectives are many and include things like:

  • Raising the profile of the programming and overall ICT community in Saint John and the value they bring to new start-ups and product development
  • Providing professional development experience for developers, designers, architects, entrepreneurs and others who get involved
  • Helping to create a stronger ICT community and improved linkages between ICT and industry

Hackathons, much like their Start-up weekend counterparts, work to bring creative people together to solve problems and build innovative products. This process can become early stage incubation for the identification of opportunities that will often live beyond the Hackathon event itself.

For this first event, we’ve decided to focus on the non-profit sector and we have been reaching out to organizations around the region asking for some ideas and challenges for our participants to explore. So far the response has been great and we’re working with a couple of organizations whose ideas looked like they would be interesting projects to drill into during the event. We’ve also encouraged participants to bring ideas of their own – non-profit related or otherwise.

The event will begin at T4G Saint John at 10am on Saturday, November 30th and will wrap up on Sunday, December 1st with the individuals or teams doing a little show and tell to demonstrate how what they’ve put together has addressed the idea/challenge that they chose to work on.

Check out this link to learn more about, or register for this weekend’s event: http://truegrowthhackathons.com/


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