Greetings and salutations

So I started a blog.

I realize I’m a bit late jumping onto the proverbial bandwagon here, but better late than never right? Actually, truth be known while I’ve never maintained a blog per se (mostly true) I have built and maintained a couple of sites over the years – so I’m not a total ‘noob’ when it comes to user (self) generated content.

Now these sites have long since been retired and my HTML/web development skills (if you could even call them that) have long since deteriorated from the perspective of me actually writing any code – though as a practicing Project Manager I’m still pretty close to the action. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your outlook on the world, we now have tools like WordPress that make this sort of thing pretty darn easy, even for PM types like me, so here we are. Hi, I’m Evan. Nice to me you.

So what’s the point?

Good question. Firstly, like the rest of the people on this planet I just don’t feel complete unless I’m sharing my every thought with anyone that cares to ‘follow me’. Ok, this is mostly untrue but it would be pretty ridiculous to start a blog and claim to be indifferent as to whether anybody reads it. So yes, what I write, I hope people will read. There, I said it.

So what are you going write/post about?

The plan (though you know what they said about the best laid plans) is to post about topics related to my professional life – project management, consulting, business and technology. As I learn about new (or new to me) methodologies, technologies, tools, etc. or just want to blather on about some topic that I may feel compelled to blather on about on a given day, I will have now have a forum for my ramblings. Isn’t the internet great!? (For ramblings of a more concise nature, follow me on twitter here).

In addition, I’ve been working on an MBA part-time for the last few years and though I’m a little late getting to this (per my opening remarks), I thought I’d use this little piece of real-estate on the internet to write, reflect, perhaps even pontificate if the mood strikes, on some of my key learnings – from both my remaining classes as well as anything I’ve already done that might be worth re-visiting in the name of contributing to the ‘blogosphere’.

As this is the inaugural post, this is where I’m supposed to say how I will be updating this all the time and you should check back often; since we all know a blog without current content/frequent posts isn’t worth the ‘paper’ it’s written on. To this I say, (1) WordPress happens to be free and (2) since I’m not trying to sell you anything I have nothing to lose (beyond your dedicated followership – which I do appreciate by the way), I don’t have to make such commitments since we both know they’d just be bogus anyway.

So to recap: this is my blog. Welcome to it. PM stuff. MBA stuff. Maybe other stuff TBD. Updated sometimes. I hope you stop by from time to time.



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2 responses to “Greetings and salutations

  1. Nice! Looking forward to reading dude!

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